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So you want to have a booth at DERRYFEST, email us at


and we will send you a link to our online registration process.

A rental fee is charged to everyone who has a booth.

     Political Entities      $200 (Limit 1 Booth)
     Commercial             $150    (Limit 2 Booths)
     Craft Vendors          $75     (Limit 2 Booths)
     Non-Profits             $50     (Limit 2 Booths)

Need Electricity Add $10

The rental fee is for booth space and electricity only.  Please be sure canopies and other anchor lines fit within your 10x12 booth space.  We do not supply tables, chairs, canopies, or extension cords.

If you are selling Food, the Town requires a copy of your certificate of liability insurance listing the Town of Derry as additionally insured.

What can't be sold?

Silly String or Confetti pops are not to be sold.

What time should I arrive?

Setup time is between 7am and 10am.
Loading Zones are on Boyd Road and Broadway. 

Vehicles must be moved to Grinnell school by 9am after you have unloaded the items for you booth.  There are typically near 100 vendors all setting
up at the same time.

When you have finished unloading we ask that you move your vehicle and then setup your booth.

What is my Category?

Political Entity - Any Person or Organization representing a person or group running for public office (Democratic Party, Republican Party, Independent Party...).
Commercial - Any Person selling goods or services for profit.
Craft Vendors - Any Person or group producing home made goods.
Non-Profits - Any group categorized by the Internal Revenue Service as a Non-Profit (Church, Charity...) or any subdivision of a Government Entity(Municipality...)

Derryfest Vendors

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